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Cosmeceutical Trio

Cosmeceutical Trio
S2RM, melatonin-interacting molecules, growth factors, antioxidants, and protein molecules. Now available as a set to reverse the effects of aging on the appearance of the skin.
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Skin Serum

Skin Serum
Formulated to help damaged, aged skin resulting in the reduction and elimination of the appearance of lines and wrinkles associated with aging.
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Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment
Hair Stemulating Complex for Women (HSCw) is formulated to help revitalize hair and pigmentation in 6-8 weeks. 30 ml bottle provides a 6 week supply. Uses S2RM stem cell technology to nourish hair follicles.
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BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. uses our core adult stem cell technology, SRM Technology,TM to bring you eleven patent-pending healthcare and cosmeceutical products. These topical products, systems therapeutics, are designed to soothe and help heal the eye, skin, and mucosal membranes.  Using the SRM (stem cell released molecules) from two or more adult stems, our S2RM® Technology has been formulated into eye drops to soothe dry eyes, into a cream for helping mitigate the discomfort associated with vaginal dryness, into a gel for helping minimize the pain, redness, scarring associated with traumatized skin, and into age management cosmeceuticals. S2RM® for healthy living. And now, for those interested in hair growth, try our hair stimulating complex, called Hair Stemulating Complex.

Based upon years of laboratory and clinical research by Dr. Greg Maguire, Bio Regenerative Sciences (BRS) has harnessed the healing power of adult stem cells to promote healthy tissue and skin.  Utilizing advanced SRM Technology developed at BRS, our products stimulate the natural healing process of tissues by restoring growth factors and other molecules normally found in young, healthy tissue and skin.  This is natural healing in its truest sense, a systems biology approach. Through powerful stimulation of the natural healing process found in human tissue and skin, BRS’ products give immediate and lasting results by providing the latest science to tissue and skin care products; we provide healing to health care, not just cover-ups.

The superior effectiveness of the BRS stem cell derived products is largely the result of the full complement of molecules (the SRM® Technology) obtained from adult stem cells, including growth factors, peptides, collagen, cytokines, interleukins, anti-oxidants, chaperone proteins, exosomesmicro-particles, and other molecules.  BRS utilizes this proprietary SRM® Technology (stem cell released molecules) to harvest and deliver the full complement of all of the active molecules released by stem cells to the normal tissue.

Through the combined effects of these stem cell derived natural factors, BRS’ I-Ease, Feminine Crème, and Recovery  help to “heal” the tissue….to help restore fluid production and fluid content, to increase natural texture and coloration, to help stimulate the production of new cells that will assist in the restoration of tissue, to filling and plumping of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, to help lift sagging skin, and to help reduce pain, inflammation, and redness resulting from minor traumas to the tissue or skin. Now with S2RM® Technology, where combinations of stem cell types are used to promote healing, just as the human body works, BRS is able to bring you the most advanced, efficacious products on the market. All of our products are made in the USA. For updates, please see our Facebook site. Moving beyond simple genomics, see  Dr. Maguire's new article on "Systems Therapeutics" that has been published by the American Chemical Society.



 Dr. Greg Maguire. The Promise Of Stem Cell-Based Systems Biology Therapeutics: Mimicking Mother Nature To Produce The Most Advanced Healing Products On The Market

Dr. Maguire spoke at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in February, 2014 about the basis of S2RM® Technology and the high level safety and efficacy profiles that result in the BRS product line. Dr. Maguire has been invited to publish a paper about S2RM® Technology in the World Journal of Stem Cells, and his paper "Stem Cell Therapy Without The Cells" was published in Communicative & Integrative Biology. I spoke at the pharmaceutical conference, "Personalized Medicine And Diagnostics" in March 2011 and at another congress in Beijing, China in Sept. 2011, and will speak at the Molecular Diagnostics Congress in May, 2012 about BRS' systems biology approach to developing therapeutics. As I state on the website for the meeting, systems biology is a relatively new branch of science that is based on inter-disciplinary study of complex interactions in biological systems. Instead of only understanding biology at a reductionist level, i.e. the pieces of the system, the systems biology approach also seeks to understand how the pieces are joined together, and how the conjoined pieces serve to create function. Indeed biology operates as a system and any analysis of biological phenomenon, including human disease, must consider the system as opposed to considering only a portion of the system, i.e.the classic reductionist approach. I also be spoke about "Systems therapeutics" at the MIT India congress in Mumbai last December, 2011.



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